More Sights

Photos courtesy of Kristina Finstad.

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Dan and Gary discuss the scenery standing on one of the lower knobs of the West Ridge. Neko takes a breather.

Pauline at the lower knob of the West Ridge. Bridger Canyon Road is in the distance at the left, and Drinking Horse Mountain is behind the tree at left.

Dan, Pauline and Gary head down from the West Ridge toward Place Creek. Neko has learned that it is better to go second than to break trail.

Heading down the trail west of Place Creek.

At the Boiling River near Mammoth in Yellowstone Park. Note the "aura" around the photographer's shadow.

Some rocks in the Boiling River.

Limestone formations at Mammoth Hot Springs.

Mike, Lisa, Pauline and Gary on the trail at Mammoth Hot Springs.

Interesting delicate limestone crystals forming in the waters of Canary Hot Spring.