January 20-27, 2004

Gary, Pauline and Arthur stayed over the Martin Luther King weekend with friends for skiing at Squaw Valley, then Gary headed on to Montana while Pauline and Arthur returned to Mountain View.

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Reading and listening for this trip included Beowulf, which undoubtedly served as partial inspiration for The Hobbit and to some extent for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Since the Tolkien stories are so popular now and he was a renowned Beowulf scholar, I wanted to check it out.

The purpose of this trip was to ferry more furnishings to the Carriage House, do a little work on the CH and get in some skiing. We're planning a big get-together in mid-February, so we wanted to get things better set up to accommodate an anticipated "crowd" of 8.

One of my tasks was to measure windows and communicate data back to Pauline so she could start to make curtains (at left are the measurements for one of the windows, as I sent to Pauline). I also put up mini-blinds on the south and west facing windows, since those will be the biggest source of heat gain once summer comes.

My two days of skiing at Bridger Bowl included one very nice day with 16" of fresh powder. I also managed to do some work around the CH on those days.

Other tasks included helping contractor Kevin clean out the garage, reorganizing storage and putting up some coat hooks in the entry/foyer. This latter task required sophisticated equipment, such as a 10" dual slide compound miter saw (pictured at right). With this, I added a nice pine rail around the foyer and mounted the coat hooks to the rail. The saw should come in handy for many future tasks, such as making nice frames for our Eskimo art and maybe doing some of the finish work on the Main House.

With the skiing, working and shopping, I did not get a chance to get out on the property, so there are no scenery pictures this time. On our next trip, we'll probably do an extensive tour of the property on snow shoes.