December Progress Report

Gary travelled to Bozeman December 13-20 to ferry a load of furniture, review progress on the Carriage House, review the latest Main House plans and do a little skiing.

I arrived during a snowstorm at about sunset. There had been a bad accident at the mouth of the canyon: four cars and a pickup truck with a trailer had gone off the road into the ditch all at the same place. After getting past this, I found the drive up to the Carriage House under about 10" of snow, and the visibility was very poor in the flat light. The van literally plowed its way up the drive to the Carriage House with me using the snow banks formed by plowing of previous snow falls as bumpers to guide me up. The farmer across the road plows the drive for us, but he was waiting for the storm to blow by.

Once I was up to the CH, I immediately parked in the Garage and hiked up to take this picture. Now it actually looks like someone is living there!

One of my tasks for Monday was to hike around the property and inspect the logged areas. Here is one of the places the logger thinned out some of the trees. The deer and elk actually prefer thinner stands of trees since it allows more grass to grow. Furthermore, fewer trees means that more snow and rain makes it to the ground rather than collecting in the branches and evaporating.

Another agenda item was to review the Main House plans with the architect. We're getting into finer details now, so the contractor is about ready to start working on an estimate. The architect also fine tuned the roof line to make the house look even smaller than it was on our previous visit — while making the interior larger!

Tuesday morning dawned fairly clear, with beautiful colors. This view is from the south window of the master bedroom.

The CH was finished enough that I was able to "camp out" in it. The Kitchen was mostly operational. In the Bathroom the shower and toilet were working. However, I had to keep moving my stuff around to keep out the the way of workmen.

This is the Kitchen looking east northeast. The door at left leads to the downstairs Entry, Mud Room, and Garage. The remaining photos complete a panorama of the Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room.

The Dining Room looking east southeast. I moved the small table in so there would be a more convenient place to review plans. The Bathroom is through the open door in the Hallway at right.

The Living Room looking southwest. Main House plans are spread out for review. The phone works, and the small stove keeps the place warm. A folding camp chair provides the only seating.