This drawing shows how the lodge might look as one approaches from the drive. Since the approach is over a ridge, little is visible until one is close to the lodge. The principal first "full" view is probably a bit from the right looking left. The lower level at the right end should not be visible because it is set back and is below grade relative to the front of the house; I have added a brownish line to indicate how the slope should hide the lower portion. The garage is undergound just in front of the lower level at the right end (hence the "cliff" at the right end). The house extends down the slope behind, so substantially less than half is visible from the approach, which gives a deceptively modest appearance on approach — exactly the effect we want.

A large entry area gives plenty of space for guests to dispense with coats and such before making the "grand entrance" by going down stairs a half level into the public areas.

S ince the house "flows" down the slope, it does not look imposing from the opposite side. Most outer rooms (the exceptions being the two upper bedrooms at the right end) feature the ability to walk out "on grade"; thus, there is a good "groundedness" to the house, and one should not feel overpowered by the structure from any aspect.