June and July, 2003

Organic material can ignite spontaneously due to biological activity at moisture contents between 26 to 46% if the temperature exceeds 200 degrees F. These high temperatures only occur with restricted air flow and piles exceeding a height of seven feet. http://www.chemfreelawns.com/html/articles/compost_maintenance.htm

Gary, Pauline, Kendal and Arthur traveled to Bozeman June 22 through July 7; this was the first time we all were there together! We spent time selecting finish items for the Carriage House (plumbing fixtures, appliances, carpet, ...), reviewing the Main House plans and working on the property. Gary's mother (Wanda) dropped by and was able to see a small part of the property.

As we approached Bozeman, the weather was cold and wet; in fact, the Bridgers got quite a bit of snow. The gravel had not been applied to the driveway yet and was so muddy that we could not even start to drive up it. This weather had also delayed other work, so we're starting to think that the Carriage House will be finished in early winter of 2004.

We spent the first bad weather days in a hotel and did much of the work of making selections and reviewing plans.

The weather soon turned hot and dry so we could set up camp just above the Carriage House site on the old road. Neko enjoyed this part of the trip more than anyone. She lost several pounds during the trip!

One of our projects for the trip was to obtain a vehicle we could leave in Bozeman and use to do work around the property. We settled on a used '94 Mazda 4x4 pickup. It is pictured here next to Kendal and Arthur's tent at the campsite.

We got quite used to camping out, but we did indulge ourselves with several trips to Bozeman Hot Springs to relax and get clean. We also took some invigorating splashes in Place Creek.

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Neko enjoyed our Montana trip more than anyone else. Here, she recovers from a busy day of chasing ground squirrels and grouse.

Gary and Pauline on their semi-anniversary.

This is the Mazda 4x4 pickup we bought to leave in Montana.

Here is the "finished" road. The grass is already growing in the cuts and fills. The gravel is yet to be applied. Compare to the May picture.

Christie's farm a couple of days after the fire. See 2-04 and 2-05.

Pauline's bears. Actually, some large black cows on Papke's land.

Looking up from near the SE corner of the 1/4 section toward the house site. Note the purple flowers and compare with 2-11.

Kendal, Wanda, Pauline and Arthur pose at the house site.

Flowers; these are the type pictured in 1-09 and 2-11


The Christie fire; compare with 1-07.

Close up of Christie fire.

Attila's Throne before - looking SW.

Attila's Throne before - looking NW.

Kendal, Arthur and Pauline work on fire danger mitigation around Attila's Throne.

Attila's Throne after - looking SW.

Attila's Throne after - looking NW.

Looking SE over flowers; compare with 1-09.


Bug on tent.

Elk at NW corner of property; there are at least 45 elk in this picture. Kendal and I surprised this herd on our final circumnavigation of the property.