May, 2003 Progress Report

Yet More Pictures

(click on pictures below to see a larger version)

Here is where the pond might go. The picture is taken standing at the Main House site, looking to the SW. Imagine that the pond replaces the small to medium trees in the foreground.

A 20,000 gallon pond (the smallest we might get by with) would be about 26' in diameter and 10' deep at the center.

Here is a sample of the wildflowers I saw while hiking the property. These were rather strange because they seem to take extreme measures to expose themselves to pollinators. There were similar flowers that were bright yellow in color, as well as many more varieties that were more discreet.

I am told that there will be more flowers in the month to come.

Can you find the grouse in this picture? If you need help, click on the picture for a much closer view.

Architects Van Bryan and Beverly Christiansen contemplate the views from the Main House site. This picture was taken about June 3 by contractor Kevin Click. Wildflowers are in even greater abundance than my pictures from two weeks previous.