Bridger Canyon Lodge

Aerial Photos from
USGS, TerraServer and Microsoft

The photo above helps in understanding the photos from the October report. It may also help to refer to the topographic map. Highway 86 cuts through the bottom half of the picture, with Kelly Canyon Road coming in at the bottom near the curve about 1/4 of the way across from the right of the picture. Bridger Hills Road snakes around in the upper right quadrant of the picture. Approximate locations of the waypoints are marked: (3)  upper part of 36-acre triangle, (4) barn site, (7) possible main building site, and (8) the creek crossing.


This photo shows a closer view. The creek crossing is readily visible above the "8", the cow path can be seen as a diagonal line heading north north west from the "4", and the forested trail can be seen from east of the "7" to the "8".